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Eye of Judgment updated to 1.01 -- network and AI fixes included

Colin Torretta

Gamers firing up the incredibly addictive CCG/videogame Eye of Judgment tonight will find that they have an update waiting for them. Bumping the game version way up to 1.01, this is a mandatory update for anyone who wants to play EoJ online. Without further ado, here is a list of the official updates:
  • Main revised functions (no, we don't know what that means either)
  • Reinforcement of COM AI in Battle Arena Mode
  • Optimization of network connections for Online Mode
It is great to see that Sony is updating EoJ already, but they still haven't addressed one of the largest complaints of playing the game online -- the fact that anybody can join your private game while you're waiting for your friend to accept his invite. And really Sony, does the computer need any more help in kicking our asses?

[Thanks Woo!]

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