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Hands-on with the Telus HTC S640, aka HTC Iris


Telus was kind enough to zip over another handset for our viewing enjoyment, the pretty fab -- though somewhat homely -- HTC S640. This little rubber-finished handset packs EV-DO, Windows Mobile 6 standard, 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, WiFi, and a pretty well planned QWERTY effort for mobile messaging speed demons. So what do we think in a few lines or less? We like the handset's form factor, the finish -- which is really nice as your hands do stick quite well to the material -- and we love the two rocker style "soft keys," they're hands down the best thing about the device's design. Sure, the keypad is a wee bit cramped, but without growing the S640's chin in a big way (Canadians, think Brian Mulroney), we think they've done well with the layout. The S640 can be grabbed right now for about $150 on a 3 year contract. Read on for a pile of pics -- including a few nice comparisons with Telus' HTC Touch.

Gallery: Hands-on with the Telus HTC S640, aka HTC Iris | 32 Photos

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