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NAT Audio's Magma is one beastly tube amplifier

Darren Murph

We've seen all sorts of fanciful tube amplifiers over the years, but none have intimidated us quite like NAT Audio's Magma. This brute is the self-proclaimed "most powerful single-ended tube amplifier on the market," and it can churn out 160-watts at 4- and 8-ohms with a frequency response of 10Hz to 100kHz. Additionally, this thing weighs in at 88-pounds, measures 11.8- x 25.2- x 14.2-inches and relies on a 6N1P-EV, a 6N30P-DR and a Eimac 450TH tube to get the job done. If you're craving more specs on this Class A monster, we've got 'em: an input impedance of 100-kohms, input sensitivity of 2.7V RMS for full power output, gain of 22.5 dB at 8-ohms and a pricetag of $55,000 per pair. Check out a few more angles after the jump, won'tcha?

[Via AudioJunkies, thanks Lukas]

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