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OS X on an Asus Eee PC

Mat Lu

Okay let me start by saying that we at TUAW don't actually condone this hack, because it does clearly break some licensing restrictions, but dang it's pretty cool nonetheless. The interwebs have been abuzz the last couple of weeks about the Asus Eee PC. It's a tiny 2lb Linux-based sub-notebook with a 7" screen and 4GB of solid state storage. The initial reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, especially considering its relatively modest price tag ($399). Now Dan over at UNEASYsilence writes in to tell us that he's successfully installed OS X on the Eee PC.

He apparently initially installed Leopard, but given the rather modest hardware of the Eee PC (900 MHz Celeron, 512MB ram) he ended up downgrading to Tiger. Nonetheless, he reports it "seems rock solid on my eeePC." As I said above, this involves some serious hacking of dubious legality (e.g. even if you own a Tiger license, Apple does not allow you install it on a PC). Nonetheless, I think this is a very cool hack, and I can't but admit I'd be tempted myself.

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