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Public diplomacy through jazz in Second Life

Eloise Pasteur

In the days of Second Life Insider, before becoming Massviely, we had already reported on USC microcontinent and Annenberg Island, home of the USC Center for Public Diplomacy at the Annenberg School in Second Life. We had also reported on the arrival of the MacArthur Foundation and their desire to understand virtual worlds and support activities that support their main aims that happen to operate within this environment.

Eureka Dejavu, also known as Rita J. King, is one of those exploring Second Life for the MacArthur Foundation, and as part of her work she attended Black Watch, a play and discussion about morality and violence, and the Virtual Jazz Festival hosted by the US State Department on Annenberg Island. Obviously rather different in style as well as location, but both fostering the ideals of peaceful cultural exchange rather than an exchange of bullets. Her piece makes for a good read of itself, and her blog is well worth a look as it presents a view on Second Life as a tool for developing consciousness and morality.

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