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Reminder: Nab Carcassone on XBLA for free (for now)

(This post does not apply to those of you without gainful employment).

We know some of you spend long hours "working" just to make enough scratch to feed your "family." You have busy "lives", important "jobs", and not a whole bunch of extra "time" to think about free video games. On the other hand, we have no "responsibilities", no "pants", and nothing to do but look forward to days like today when, thanks to Microsoft's largesse, previously not-free games are now, for a limited time, free.

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Xbox Live, Microsoft has made the board game-turned-Xbox Live Arcade title Carcassone free for forty-eight hours. We're about fourteen hours into that period, so consider this a reminder to tie a ribbon around your finger to remind you to download the game later.

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