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Stop the presses: Love for Galaxy apparently *not* universal


Here at Wii Fanboy, we like to think we offer ... balanced, objective coverage of Nintendo's world-beating home console. So, just as we'll happily scoff at Super Mario Galaxy bagging a ludicrous 11/10 in one publication, we'll also take time out to archly snigger at the non-specialist press who just don't "get it."

Like Variety, for instance. The entertainment industry newspaper has just posted its review of Galaxy, and it's not a favorable one. Naturally, we respect anybody's right to make negative comments about the title -- and plenty of reviewers have done just that already -- but some of Variety's observations do somewhat miss the point.

Complaints about poor storytelling are weak enough, given that Mario games have never been designed with compelling narratives in mind. Elsewhere, the game is criticized for graphics that "simply aren't up to par with [those] on the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360," and is also described as "evidence of how bad the Wii is for third-person action games." Which sounds more like a broader statement about the Wii hardware, rather than the game itself.

Still, before you begin punching out that rage-filled, vitriolic piece of hate mail Variety's way, your bottom lip trembling and the tears barely dry on your cheeks, judge for yourself and give the review a proper read.

And then mail it anyway.

[Thanks, Bobby!]

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