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Survey: political preferences affect game preferences

Kyle Orland

Liberal, conservative, Republican, Democrat -- whatever our political differences, as gamers we can all agree on what makes a good game, right? Not so fast. A new survey suggests that different political groups tend to have different tastes in games.

The survey, conducted by Zogby International for USC Annenberg's Norman Lear Center, looked at the general media preferences of nearly 4,000 American adults of all political stripes. According to a press release (PDF), the survey found that liberals, in general tend to "play video games a lot more than other people" while conservatives "don't play a lot of video games." For the conservatives that do play, Madden was the No. 1 game while The Sims ranked highest for liberals. As for moderates. their top games included Donkey Kong, thus showing their preference for the less politically divisive era of the early '80s.

Despite the differences, there is at least one game series that everyone can agree on. According to the Lear Center summary, "Mario was the most popular game across the political spectrum." As Mario himself might say, "Thanks-a so much for reconciling politically over my game."

Read - Summary of results
PDF - Press release

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