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Wells Fargo's Stagecoach Island


I'm not kidding when I say this: there is now a banking MMO. Or, at least, a banking virtual world. Stagecoach Island is Wells Fargo's newest attempt at riding the wave of interest in virtual worlds, having once before tried exactly the same thing with a Stagecoach Island in Second Life first, then later in Active Worlds. Apparently they have learned some lessons from the aborted SL build and have made a new go of it.

Intriguingly, it's all about learning how to manage your money, which is something no other MMO can boast. From the site: "You can earn virtual money by visiting the Learning Lounge - a virtual Wells Fargo ATM - and answering questions about money management. Money in your savings account earns 5% daily interest when you are logged in and 3% when you are logged off. Shopping, building (coming soon) and some of the activities require you to spend Stagecoach Island dollars and these can only be used while playing the game."

I'm gonna give this a shot, even though I know I'll be completely bored with my avatar -- any game where I can't be a lycanthrope/shapeshifter has at least one strike against it. I'll send along reports once I've earned enough scratch to start my own genetic engineering company.


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