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Atlus USA publishing Spectral Force 3, Operation Darkness for Xbox 360


Atlus USA, the company behind upcoming surgery sim Trauma Center: New Blood, has become an official 3rd party publisher for the Xbox 360. Fans who have come to expect quirky role-playing games and nuanced localizations from the team should be pleased to see Atlus diving straight into a niche we never expected to associate with the American Xbox 360 -- Japanese strategy RPGs.

Two titles are already lined up for release in 2008, with the first tackling one of history's (and gaming's) most sinister foes, Hitler. He's also a vampire, it says here. Battling the Third Reich with an army of bizarre creatures in Operation Darkness would probably strike us as odd, had we not already played an Atlus game featuring a robotic Rasputin from the future. Par for the course, really. As for the fantasy-themed Spectral Force 3, it places you in control of a group of mercenaries caught between the opposing sides of the "Great Neverland War," which we're told was considerably more exciting than the Pretty Decent Neverland War explored in the previous two games.

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