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Big Brother riding shotgun in government-issued vehicles

Darren Murph

Big Brother has been infringing on workplace privacy for some time now, but technology previously used primarily in the private sector is making its way out and into government-issued vehicles. Many administrators are suggesting that GPS-ified vehicles not only crack down on on-the-clock leisure activities, but curb wasteful spending on excess fuel / lost productivity. Proponents also claim that such a setup enables them to better monitor how efficient (or not) their current processes are. Granted, it's not difficult to see just how polarizing the issue can be, and the Teamsters are already negotiating more contracts to keep workers from being peered upon. Still, if you've grown used to rolling your state-owned ride out to GameStop during lunch, we'd recommend taking a (very) good look around to ensure that you're truly cruising solo -- or, you know, just stick by the rules.

[Image courtesy of HamptonRoads]

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