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DirecTV offers free install to International Space Station

Steven Kim

We imagine it can get lonely out in space, and the view from out there only makes it worse. DirecTV has stepped up to help combat boredom aboard the International Space Station's newly-added Harmony living module by offering to install a 42-inch flat screen HDTV (LCD or plasma not specified) and HD DVR, gratis. As DirecTV's John Gieselman said, "Sure, there's the awe-inspiring view of planet earth from more than 200 miles up, but what do you do for an encore after you've entered your 180th day in space?" Reach for the velcro-wrapped remote, that's what! Oh yeah, DirecTV also offered up their top engineer to come out and assist in getting the dish mounted on the module's roof. Somehow we doubt NASA will be ok with a promise that "he'll be there sometime between 8AM and 6PM."

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