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Hands-on with Samsung's SGH-i780


Arne over at the::unwired had a chance to get a hands-on with Samsung's newest Windows Mobile 6 Pro -- yes, Professional, with touchscreen -- offering, the SGH-i780. This BlackJack lookalike packs a 400 MHz CPU, tri-band GSM with 2100 MHz UMTS / HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth, an A-GPS receiver, and 256 / 128 ROM and RAM in an almost standardized Samsung QWERTY package. The i780 features a 320 x 320 resolution screen and the odd-looking d-pad seen above can actually be used as a mouse for on screen pointing. This looks like a serious bit of kit and here's hoping it zooms its way over here early in the new year -- though of course, no promises.

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