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In Development: The Secret World


Some of you will have heard of this project by Funcom, the development studio that brought us Anarchy Online, The Longest Journey, and the upcoming Age of Conan. The Secret World, from the sound of it, might be closer to the horror MMO that I was talking about here. From what's available on the website that's gathered together all the puzzle pieces, including some game concept artwork, it looks like TSW might be a Lovecraftian-type of world, which makes it more than welcome in my eyes.

I'm getting tired of Fantasy and Space as MMO themes. It's time for something new. Barring a Western, or Gritty Cop Drama Environment, the Cthulhu Mythos seems a ripe and ready universe to base an MMO in. Think about it: it's both urban and provincial, outdoors and indoors, can handle both technology and some variation of magic, and the creature models will be outrageously creative.

That's my best guess, anyway. Anyone else get a different take from it all?

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