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Namco Bandai's 'Family Ski' compatible with Wii Balance Board


We were wondering if Wii Fit's Balance Board peripheral would be good for anything other than yoga, and it looks like we have our answer. Famitsu reveals that Namco Bandai's Family Ski -- which originally utilized only the Wii remote and nunchuk combo for its downhill action -- will now be compatible with the Wii Balance Board, adding an extra level of realism to the adorable, super-deformed family-friendly skiing title. Obviously, the game will still be 100% playable without the peripheral.

We haven't reported much of anything on Family Ski, instead letting our buddies over at Wii Fanboy do all the legwork. Still, the game is definitely on our radars now. Family Ski is due for a Winter 2007/2008 release in Japan. Here's hoping localization is a breeze; it would be a tad odd to rock the slopes in the summertime, no?

[Via Nintendo Wii Fanboy]

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