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T-Mobile suspends Sidekick Slide sales

Chris Ziegler

So, first the bad news: T-Mobile and Motorola have confirmed that "some" Sidekick Slides are turning themselves off when the display is opened or closed. Now, the good: they're doing something about it. Slide sales have been suspended as of this evening while Moto works to identify just what the heck's going on; meanwhile, existing owners who've experienced problems can call T-Mobile or head into a store to "discuss available options." For what it's worth, neither of T-Mobile's other Sidekicks in the current lineup -- the LX and the iD -- are affected, so Sharp might see a nice little sales spike here as Slide owners look for an alternative. Follow the break for T-Mobile's full statement.

T-Mobile USA suspended sales of the T-Mobile Sidekick Slide™ on Friday evening, Nov. 16, after Motorola – the manufacturer of the device – confirmed that some devices may inadvertently power off when the slide door on the front side of the phone is opened or closed.

T-Mobile has taken this action to help ensure our customers only receive devices we're confident will perform at their peak, so they can stay effortlessly connected to those who matter most.

Motorola is currently working to identify the root cause of the power cycle issue in affected Sidekick Slide devices. The T-Mobile Sidekick LX™ and Sidekick iD™ are not affected by this issue.

If a customer purchased a Sidekick Slide that is experiencing the unintended power cycle issue, they may contact T-Mobile Customer Care, or go to a T-Mobile retail store, for assistance and to discuss available options.

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