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Pandora Digital offers up jersey-styled PMP

Darren Murph

This definitely isn't the first gizmo to incorporate some aspect of the NBA into its design, but Pandora Digital's latest goes beyond the logos. The SK-522 not only sports a Houston Rockets motif and a snippet of Yao Ming, but this thing is actually shaped in the form of a basketball jersey. Beyond that, you'll find a 2-inch color display, FM tuner, SD / MMC expansion slot, a rechargeable Li-ion, integrated speaker, a voice recorder and support for MP3, WMA, IMV, JPG and BMP file formats. Unfortunately, it seems that you'll have to phone 'em up to find out how much coin you'll be laying down to take one home (or if any other teams are represented), but how could any warm-blooded season ticket holder resist?

[Via PMPToday]

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