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Sci vs. Fi: Mass Effect airing Tuesday

For those who didn't catch the Halo 3 edition of Sci vs. Fi (on, you guessed it, the Sci Fi network), you missed an interesting look at the game from a number of different perspectives. Scientists picked apart the game from a logistical standpoint, Bungie discussed the creation of the game, gamers talked about how the game differed from it's previous iterations, and Brian Posehn brought the funny. A good time was had by all.

Tuesday night, Sci Fi is airing a special look at Mass Effect on the program. From the looks of it, we can expect the commentary of Keith David (Requiem for a Dream creepster who voices Captain Anderson in the game) and the ever insightful observations of the Cho-Bot. Of course, by that time, you'll probably have the game in your hot little hands, your mind aflutter with all the galactic exploration you'll soon be doing. We won't blame you if you forget to set your TiVos.

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