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Cox rolls out 1GHz across its network

Steven Kim

Like every other cable operator, Cox Communications is looking for more bandwidth. Cox has already brought 70% of its customer base up to the 1GHz mark, and is upgrading the rest of its network up to the same bar. It's all part of the company's 2010 plan, which has some 200 SD (meh) and 100 HD (now we're talking!) channels as a goal. Good times ahead for their internet customers as well, with a boost in both the up and down directions to the tune of 25- and 4-Mbps, respectively. Add in a reduction in the number of analog channels clogging up the pipe and Cox is planning on bringing its node size from 650 to 250 homes, putting them within striking distance of the SDV "magic number."

[Via Connected Home 2 Go]

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