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Happy birthday WoW, where's mah cake?

Amanda Rivera

Three years ago next week, Blizzard unleashed the Massively Multiplayer Online experience that is World of Warcraft, changing online gaming forever. Since then, the throng of believers, err players, have ballooned to 9.3 million. Many of those players have loyally played the game since that chilly day in November, watching the game unfold into the semi-polished gem it is today. But with all that time spent in the game, playing since open beta, since closed beta, some even since alpha, these players are receiving no rewards for their efforts, and that, according to Causal WoW, is a shame.

Veteran rewards take many shapes and sizes in MMOs today. In games such as City of Heroes, players who have stuck with the game for years receive special abilities and costumes. Not so in WoW. The thing is, yes players like playing the game, otherwise they would play something else. But we as people like to be acknowledged for sticking with it, for being there from the beginning. We love to be able to prove that we were there before all these new people flooded the market with Netherweave and Arcanite Reapers.

It seems that despite the call for such a system, Blizzard has left this one out of the equation. This might be simply because there are many other vanity rewards to show off in the game, that we collectors can build a stable of non-combat pets, can grind reputation with every faction possible and ride a different epic mount every day of the week. Perhaps this is enough for us, and perhaps adding veteran rewards to the game would mean cheapening the experience. Personally, I think if you can have a title for your previous prowess in PvP, you should have a title for being a beta tester.

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