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5 reasons to love Costco during the gift-giving season


The topic of Costco came up several times in the sidechat during last night's talkcast. Since so many good ideas were bandied about, I decided to collect a few into a post today. Here are our top reasons to love Costco for holiday gifts.

That amazing return guarantee. Yes, Costco no longer has a 1-year return policy for televisions and higher-end electronics but they still offer great consumer protections and fabulous customer service.

Their slightly out-of-date iPods. Costco provides a reliable resource for anyone looking to buy older-generation iPods. They clearance them out with excellent prices and good availability. Costco currently carries iPod Nanos and Videos (which still work with free video out!), as well as the newer Classics, and Touches.

Discounted iTunes cards. You can pick up iTunes gift cards for about 10% off face price at Costco. That comes to $44.99 for a $50 iTunes Gift Card plus $0.50 for shipping and handling.

Cheap Apple TVs. If you held off buying an Apple TV because you were waiting for good pricing, now's the time to shop. There are some amazing deep discount deals out there for Costco Apple TVs, although the pricing and availability seem to vary by store. Apple TV is no longer listed at the main website so you'll have to call around to find whatever stock is left.

Accessories. Costco is a great place to pick up iPod compatible alarm clocks and docks as well as speakers, headphones and so forth. If you're into such things, you can even purchase a "High School Musical" iPod dock or a "Barbie Petal Sound System" for iPod. Although we'd rather...not.

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