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A Samsung bribe is worth a thousand votes


It's embarrassing enough to be embroiled in scandal after scandal, particularly if you're Samsung, whose identity is indelibly linked with that of the proud, South Korean nation (and responsible for 20% of its exports). Now this, photographic evidence of an alleged bribe from Lee Kyung-hoon, a former in-house lawyer for Samsung Electronics, as proof of Samsung's nefarious efforts to coerce government officials into glossing over past, corporate indiscretions. The 5 million won (about $5,450) bribe disguised as a book was supposedly given to Lee Young-chul, the former Secretary to the South Korean president, Roh Moo-hyun, for Legal Affairs, on January 26, 2004. He gave it back, one month later. The evidence was presented today by the "People's Action" civil group in the hopes that the government would open an independent counsel to probe the activities of Samsung and its chairman, Lee Kun-hee.

[Via Chosun, thanks Soc Gi]

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