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Details on Book 12's player housing updates

Samuel Axon

So here's a scenario for you: you buy a house for your character in The Lord of the Rings Online. How exciting! You check it out; it looks good, if a bit sparse. You buy all sorts of decorations to solve the sparseness problem -- a chair, a table, a painting or two, some plants, and so on. You set up a dinner table and put a chair at its head, but the chair is facing the wrong way, and you can't turn it.

That sucks, doesn't it? But wait; there's hope!

Book 12 will address that and many other housing complaints and requests. We know this because a Turbine developer who goes by the alias DangerDan told fans pretty much every thing there is to know about the coming changes to Middle-earth's sprawling suburbs.

Rotatable placements? Check. Sharing your house with all the other characters on your account? Check. A way to find out the name of your next-door neighbor? Also check. Deed-based trophies and other new kinds of decorations? Also also check. Your very own palantír for the living room TV stand? Not yet, but here's to hoping.

[Via LotRO Life]

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