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Forum Post of the Day: How to Shaman

Mike Schramm

Just in time to cheer up us diehard Shamans, Halbrium has stepped up to be our Alamo, and put together a "Shaman's PvP Guide" just for us totem-droppers. Class by class, he goes over, in hilarious almost English (he's from Quebec, but there's a lot of tongue-in-cheek going on here), just what we need to do to beat everyone else in the game. From Druids ("OH NO WHY IS ANIMALS ON MY FACE?!") to Priest ("If they turn dark, you have made them angry and your brain may start to smell like burning"), he runs down custom strategies, all the while giving out great Shaman tips: "USE EARTHSHOCK CONSERVATIVLEY (like your bush!!) Because when you do that it will be very difficult for them to destory you when you are weaked at the end of the fight."

Use Earthshock conservativley (like your bush!!) indeed. The only thing missing are the hastily Paint-shopped photos of Shaman totems, but otherwise, we've got a Shaman guide for the ages. Great show, and definitely worth a Forum Post of the Day.

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