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Halo 3 'Heroic Map Pack' available on Dec. 11


If you've grown tired of traipsing through Snowbound in your desperate lust to eliminate squeaky-voiced, trash-talking cyborgs, the announcement of the downloadable "Heroic Map Pack" for Halo 3 should be just what the doctor ordered. A strange sort of physician that cures ills with video game news... it doesn't make a whole lot of sense, really. But! Let's focus on the facts: December 11th, three maps, 800 MS Points ($10).

Included in the set are "Standoff," a symmetrical valley filled with "entrenched bases and fields of boulders" and, after about 10 minutes, enormous piles of heavily armored corpses. It's joined by "Rat's Nest," which is described as "an indoor vehicle paradise," and "Foundry," a Forge-friendly sandbox that's ideal for shifting stairways, bridges and tunnels to your twisted heart's delight. Build almost any kind of map you can think of, it says here.

Additional fact: For the patient lot among you (admittedly not a great strategy in the game itself), the maps will become free on the Xbox Live Marketplace in Spring 2008 -- right before the next wave of maps is expected.

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