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Helio outs File Viewer for Ocean, reads most of the important stuff

Chris Ziegler

Helio's Ocean certainly has the hardware credentials to see some duty as a business device, but with Helio's consumer focus, the software necessary to turn the phone into a productivity powerhouse hasn't really materialized. That changes a bit today though with the introduction of File Viewer, a free application that allows Ocean users to read a variety of popular file formats, among them Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents, PDF, plain text, HTML, and several image types in both landscape and portrait modes. Helio's commemorating the event by also upgrading its Mail for Exchange platform to version 1.2, offering a handful of improvements and providing direct integration to the File Viewer. Both are available today; follow the break for the full press release.


View Microsoft® Office, Adobe PDF, Plain Text Documents and Images

LOS ANGELES, CA – November 16, 2007 – The Ocean is giving Helio members greater freedom and doing its part to unchain people from their PCs with the launch of the Helio File Viewer. Ocean users can now view, save and share documents and images while on-the-go, making Ocean more versatile than ever. Along with new attachment viewing capabilities, Helio is also announcing Mail for Microsoft Exchange 1.2, an upgraded version of its application that allows users wirelessly synchronize email, calendar and contacts from their companies' Microsoft® Exchange Server.

"Ocean's unique dual-slide design and comprehensive messaging suite lets members communicate with friends, family and business associates in unique ways," said Darshan Patel, Director of Email Communications at Helio. "The addition of Helio File Viewer makes staying in touch easier and more effective for business users with the ability to view documents wherever members take their Oceans."

Business + Helio = Pleasure

Ocean makes it easier to mix business and pleasure with Helio File Viewer. Members can now view important documents sent via email or view documents saved to their device for review on-the-go. The Helio File Viewer, which is available at no additional cost, gives members access to Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, Plain Text and HTML documents as well as images (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, WMF, EMF) making it easier to be in-the-know.

In addition to being able sort files in various ways for quick retrieval, the File Viewer allows users to zoom, move and page up or down quickly once in a document. Members can also view documents in landscape or portrait mode on Ocean's large (2.4") QVGA screen as well as fit to width, fit to height and rotate for optimized viewing of a file. Helio's File Viewer leverages Picsel's advanced technology, to view files at higher quality resolutions and without time-consuming preprocessing and load times.

Cutting-Edge Integration + Innovation

Helio is also announcing Mail for Microsoft Exchange 1.2. The latest upgrade includes improvements with alerts, calendar functionality and synchronization performance. Mail for Microsoft® Exchange 1.2 also works in conjunction with the Helio File Viewer application to allow users to view, save and share documents and lets users wirelessly synchronize email, calendar and contacts from their companies' Microsoft® Exchange Server so they can use their devices to keep in touch with friends and family, as well as stay on top of business.

Ocean users can wirelessly download Mail for Microsoft® Exchange to their devices and after a brief set up, send and receive emails, manage and create calendar appointments and access corporate contact lists. Once downloaded, Mail for Microsoft® Exchange is easily accessible through Helio's Ultimate Inbox messaging home screen aside the full suite of Ocean's messaging capabilities.

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