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Live at the midtown NYC Rock Band launch


11:50pm: After a thankfully brief wait outside the Best Buy at 44th and Fifth Ave. in midtown Manhattan, the store manager let everyone come inside to wait for the game. They're handing out tickets for your platform of choice. We skimmed inside to take shots and went back to ask for a ticket. "Xbox or PS3?" Uh, Xbox please. "Oh, we got plenty of those." Rock Band. It's ours. Take that EA shortages.

11:59pm: The store employees holler out, "One minute y'all!" We've got our ticket so we're not afraid of losing our spot. We've got to get pics of the Best Buy crew rocking out on Jet's Are You Gonna Be My Girl.

12:15am: We make our way up to the spot in line to claim our prize; we're ticket #60. The cashier politely asks us if we want an extended two-year warranty "for your Rock Band?" Oh, she walked right into this: "In case our Rock Band breaks ... up?" Blank stares abound. Well, we'll be here all week, try the veal. $180+ dollars later, we approach the rapidly dwindling pile of Rock Band 360 kits and take ours, #60. Before we leave the store, we approach the demo station to try our hand. It's going to be a long trip home (longer still since we're hauling this thing back to Philly on a train).

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