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Mass Effect soundtrack due November 20

Jason Dobson

While most Xbox 360 owners prepare to trek down to their favorite store or wait no-so patiently by the mailbox tomorrow for their chance to play BioWare's latest opus Mass Effect, Sumthing Else Music Works has announced that players can also pick up the game's official soundtrack on November 20, perfect for those times spent plotting against Saren while away from the console.

The soundtrack was put together by veteran game music composers Jack Wall (Myst, Jade Empire) and Sam Hulick (Maximo vs. Army of Zin), with additional tracks by Richard Jacques (The Club) and film and television composer David Kates (Battlestar Galactica, Man of the Year). More interesting than the name dropping, however, is that soundtrack's blend of " 80's electronic music with modern orchestral scoring" apparently takes inspiration from some of our favorite films, such as Blade Runner and Dune, all but guaranteeing a trip to the cash register. What can we say? We're weak.

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