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O2 claims iPhone is its fastest-selling device -- ever

Chris Ziegler

Neither O2 nor Carphone Warehouse are interested in disclosing exact numbers regarding the opening week of iPhone sales in the UK -- a tightlipped tactic some are seeing as a sign that sales failed to meet expectations -- but for what it's worth, O2's got a few positive (albeit vague) things to say about the festivities. CEO of Telefónica O2 Europe Peter Erskine says that the iPhone has been the "fastest-selling device" for O2 ever. "Ever" is a strong word, but it's exactly the one Mr. Erskine chose during O2's most recent earnings call despite rumors that sales were light at retail outlets across the land. Furthermore, he claimed that a full two-thirds of buyers were new to the carrier; conquests from competing carriers are naturally more highly valued than upgrades, so that's a big deal if it holds true. British readers, what's your take? Is the buzz at a rolling boil, or have you yet to see an iPhone used in public?

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