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Second Life stability problems continue into the new week

Tateru Nino

Linden Lab advises this-morning (and we're certainly seeing it reflected in the figures) that while they thought the issue had been resolved on Saturday evening, that it was not, and that the issues that plagued the Second Life grid over the weekend are still ongoing.

Additionally, all voice services went dark at 2:06AM SLT (US Pacific).

Second Life's voice services are not provided by or implemented by Linden Lab, and do not use their servers, but are instead solely operated by Vivox on third-party hardware and networks.

Linden Lab is remaining on top of reporting progress as this issue plays out. A strong sign that they have heeded negative reactions from their users over the silence of the weekend.

[Update: Linden Lab reports voice services were restored by 10:18AM SLT - slightly 8 hours after the outage began]

[Update: Bonus network problems, affecting logins from 3:53PM SLT to 5:31PM]

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