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Guildwatch: Handing out turkey according to DKP

Mike Schramm

You know, a good raid is kind of like Thanksgiving dinner-- you all have to sit down together for a few hours, there's a raidleader who's barely in charge, there's lots of infighting and drama, and eventually, if everyone plays their part right, everyone gets their loot and gets to go home happy. It's heartwarming, really.

Our weekly look at all that drama, downed, and recruiting news starts right after the jump below. And don't forget-- just like Grandma loves that cranberry sauce, we love your tips-- please pass them on down to us at This week, we're thankful not only for all the ninjas and loot whores out there who keep the drama rolling, but for all you tipsters who take your time to tell us about it.


  • Our tipster is right-- this one's juicy. Kidneyshiver is apparently a known ninja over on Nerz'hul, but that didn't stop Immortal from inviting him into their raid anyway. So they probably shouldn't have been too surprised when he decided to steal their raid ID with a PuG (and suck it up anyway, we hear). And it gets better, because after an MT left over that crap, he went to Policy, and apparently Immortal started accusing them of "stealing" their raid members. What's the lesson here? Friends don't let friends invite ninjas into guilds and raids.
  • We weren't told a guild or server on this one, but it's a good story anyway. Apparently, in a recent Arathi Basin battleground, Alliance found themselves in trouble-- they were facing a Horde premade, and realized they had no chance. But instead of just giving out honor, they set up camp in the stables, and had a party, complete with a picnic setup and two party kegs. Horde thought it was funny, so they actually set up their own on the hill, and the battleground ended with the two sides fighting not over nodes, but party spots.
  • Is a "luck-based" drop considered less than a server first? These guys think so-- they say that Requiem on EU Al'Akir can't claim "server first" because the Warglaive is a random drop. Sure, the fact that the legendary drops is based on a random calculation, but isn't it an achievement to actually show up to see that drop in the first place?
  • Eclipse on Gilneas finally finished off Vashj after a few months of attempts, only to have Ogt and Bigpappi ninja the loot off of her. It sounds like they'll survive, though-- they kicked the ninjas and say they're putting the whole thing behind them.
  • Shards of Azeroth on Exodar has disbanded, we hear. The original GM of the guild was pushed out a little while ago due to some drama, and the new leadership just couldn't keep it together. A shame-- they were one of the oldest guilds on Exodar.
  • Speaking of guilds breaking up, here it is happening live. Fidelium splits up their guild bank, and it's like a messy divorce.


  • Band of the Red Hand on Blackwater Raiders dropped the Prince like Pete Best. They're headed to Gruul soon, so if you want in, let them know.
  • Divinorum on Gorefiend-A went back to Karazhan for their second week and cleared through Prince-- they would have done Netherspite, but a little drama with a /gkicked Paladin held them back (we want details!). ZA is next week they say.
  • Absolute on Emerald Dream has downed both Kael and Rage Winterchill. Grats!
  • A nice little horserace on Gorefiend-A resulted in two server first downings (well, one server second)-- Cat's Game on Alliance dropped Illidan first, and 35 minutes later, Limbo (on the Horde side) finished him off. Grats to both guilds!
  • Gunslinger on Korialstrasz sent us video of their Paladin, Lunaara, tanking all of their Karazhan fights. Pretty awesome, I have to admit. You Pally tanks have won me over with this column (although I still haven't seen it happen for myself). Now if you can get me to like Warlocks, that'll be an even bigger feat.
  • Makaveli on Shadowsong-A has taken down Illidan twice in two weeks now, and they sent a shoutout to Index for grabbing the server first legendary blade. Grats!
  • Ascendo Tuum on Eitrigg-A has emailed GW again to say that Nalorakk has been downed, and that the rest of Zul'Aman is on notice. But apparently no one told them that you only get to put one boss on notice at a time-- one boss per notice limit! They also downed Mag later in the week.
  • Durability Zero on Silvermoon (which is apparently a "trial merger" between PainTrain and Sol Polaris, and is also the winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) has dropped both HKM and Gruul, and are putting Loot Reaver on notice. Does this mean the merger is permanent?
  • Haven on EU Azjol'Nerub has also downed Morogrim and Hydross. They joke that all this progression doesn't help our drama section, and they're right-- you guys have to do some loot stealing or something. But seriously-- shoutouts, we're told, to Orichimaru and Bluejane for rocking the raids there.
  • Southern Wardens on Proudmoore downed Nalorakk in their first run in Zul'Aman. They're also recruiting as an Austrailian/NZ guild for ZA and TK.
  • Manifest Destiny on Silvermoon-H dropped both Kael and Rage Winterchill as well.
  • Exiles on Medivh finished off Hydross and the Lurker. Grats!
  • Aspect of the Dragon on Llane started 25-man raiding with an HKM kill, and want to put Gruul on notice.
  • Jaded Retribution on Mug'thol-H downed Rage Winterchill. They're also looking for a Holy Pally with at least a Vashj vial.
  • Lucidity on Thorium Brotherhood-A killed Morogrim Tidewalker, and picked up a Talon of Aszhara for their trouble.
  • RAW on EU Aszune rocked Morogrim as well, and say that Vashj is on notice.
  • Disputed on Norgannon-H finished off both Lurker and Solarian after messing around with them for a while. Grats!
  • The Empire Strikes Back on Dath'remar-H killed off Lady Vashj, and are now headed to Kael. They're also recruiting a Mage and a Holy Pally, so look them up if you're interested.
  • Fate on Scryers-A finished off the Big Bad Wolf to clear the Opera for the first time, and they say that Maiden is on notice.
  • The Departed of Kul Tiras had another big week, their first in BT-- they finished off Najentus, Supremus, and Shade of Akama.
  • Ascensio on Malfurion-A has killed five bosses in Hyjal and BT this past week-- Rage, Anatheon, Najentus, Supremus, and Shade of Akama. Grats!
  • Greatly Exaggerated on Hydraxis has downed Rage and Kael'thas both. Grats to you too!


  • Fellowship of the Ding on Arygos-A is recruiting for Karazhan.
  • Dilution on Malygos-A is a late night raiding guild working on Vashj and Kael-- they're looking for a Warlock, a Resto Shaman, and a Shadow Priest.
  • Pulse on Magtheridon has gone from 0 to almost 40 members in just a week-- they require age 18+, require addon usage, require knowledge and experience, and things are working well so far. They're recruiting more-- if you're a good player and want to play with other good players, look them up.
  • Disbanded on EU Aerie Peak-A is looking for more for a second Karazhan group and 25 man raiding.
  • Kinship of Azeroth is recruiting mature and friendly folks who value honesty, friendship, and loyalty.
That's it for GW this week-- thanks for reading, and be sure to send your tips to Until next week, happy Thanksgiving and happy raiding!

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