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Legends of Norrath TCG Thanksgiving Tournament Marathon Weekend

William Dobson

Die hard fans of Legends of Norrath -- EQ2's in-game trading card game -- get your decks ready. From the EQ2 Players site, there will be a Thanksgiving Tournament Marathon Weekend running from 5pm PST November 21st, until 12am PST November 26th. Any tournaments you enter during this period will net you points, even if you lose (3 points for a win and 1 for a loss), and the top two scorers at the conclusion of the marathon will be able to choose any loot card -- a card which will grant an in-game Everquest II item -- as their prize. Keep in mind that this is points-based, and while winning more will get you more points, it doesn't mean you'll need to maintain a 100% record to take out the final prize.

While this sounds skewed for the hardcore, there are prizes and incentives simply for participating as well. As long as you enter one tournament during the marathon's duration, you will receive an Oathbreaker booster pack of cards, and every tournament will have better prizes than usual up for grabs. So even if you know you won't be sitting in the top position, it is worthwhile if you enjoy the game to get your free booster pack and be in the running for some beefed up tournament rewards.

There have been quite a few feature tournaments and promotions from the LoN team as of late, and it certainly seems like a good time to be involved.

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