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Motorola to Taiwan: we've got 20 - 30 phones for you in 2008

Chris Ziegler

While we've been ogling Q9s, RAZR 2 Luxury Editions, and nonexistent Palm-powered Q2s in these parts, Motorola's been preparing a pretty freakin' aggressive attack for our friends across the Pacific. Though Moto's chilling in third place for global handset sales, they rank a measly fourth in Taiwan, and it looks like they want to do something about it with an astounding 20 to 30 Taiwanese launches planned for 2008 -- according to the company's regional general manager, anyway. By our calculations, that's anywhere between one and three phones per month, making Taiwan the place to move if you happen to be a diehard fan. Interestingly, Moto used the same occasion to reiterate that it has no timetable established for launching Android-based handsets, so we guess you can hold off planning the move if you're only interested in its Google wares.

[Via Slashphone]

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