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Need a different line? Just flip the WND DUO Atom upside down

Chris Ziegler

As we've already seen with the two-faced DUO 2000, WND's pretty creative when it comes to seamlessly accessing two SIMs from the same handset, but this pretty much takes the cake. The company's DUO Atom (not to be confused with O2's Xda Atom) transitions between its two SIMs with a simple rotation of the phone; talk into the other end, and voila, you're on your other line. Specs seem decent, too, with a 3 megapixel camera, 128MB of onboard storage, 220 x 176 OLED display, and stereo Bluetooth, though the Class 10 GPRS has us wanting -- as does the triband GSM radio. So yeah, if rolling two-up on your accounts is your thing and you're okay shunning fast data and a healthy chunk of support for bandwidth in the Western Hemisphere, your stylish conversation piece of a candybar has arrived.

[Via Boy Genius Report and Crave]

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