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PS3 Firmware 2.01 is most ironic ever [Updated]

Justin McElroy

PS3 owners may have noticed some new firmware for the PS3, version 2.01, that became available late last night. If you haven't already nabbed it, don't expect any big changes: The .01 just denotes a few bug fixes and solutions for those who said they've been experiencing game freezing errors with 2.00.

Unfortunately, it appears as if the patch may have created problems for Call of Duty 4 players, who took to the official forums (registration required) en masse to complain of critical errors while trying to play the game online now. Many also report getting the same error: "DW update file error 102 - 'BD_EXCEPTION_IN_DB' " when trying to start a new character. Apparently, firmware 2.01 ... is a hippie. Neither Sony nor Activision have responded to the the issue, but we'll let you know when they do. We also don't know if this extends to any other games. Have any of you had similar problems?

[Thanks, Chris]

[Update: Infinity Ward's saying that all of these problems with Call of Duty 4 should be corrected at this point. ]

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