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Crank the core with this Gradius music box


This rare Gradius music box has to be one of the coolest limited-edition game-related items we've ever seen. It's not much to look at -- pretty much just a wooden box with the Gradius logo printed on it -- but it's a Gradius music box. It is a mechanical music box that plays Gradius music. We don't think we have to explain the amazingness of such an item.

Specifically, it plays a 15-second version of "Farewell" from Gradius II GOFER no Yabou. We found an actual recording of the music box in action here. This item was only available as a mail-in offer to people who purchased three Gradius soundtrack CDs.

We don't even get the opportunity to buy soundtrack CDs most of the time over here, and Japanese fans get to listen to those soundtracks as music boxes. Now we just have to ask ourselves: is the best fifteen seconds of Gradius music ever in a box worth $99?

[Via GameSniped]

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