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Metareview: Link's Crossbow Training

Eric Caoili

Four quick explanations for why we're using this lounging lizard for the metareview's post image:

  1. Uh, he's green. Just like Link.
  2. As you can tell from his pose, he's not too impressed with Link's Crossbow Training.
  3. Look at the damn guy. Do we really need to explain ourselves? We wish we could do a metareview on the lizard instead.
  4. Consider the lizard a bonus that we're throwing in with this metareview bundle.
Priced ridiculously low at $20, Nintendo's Zapper bundle seems like an easy buy for most gamers, but for those of you who're waiting for impressions on its pack-in game, Link's Crossbow Training, we've got you covered.

GameDaily -- 80%: While GameDaily feels there's enough in there to keep you playing longer than just an hour or two, the reviewer still wishes there was more to the game: "Although it doesn't have as many options (Practice, four person multiplayer) as Nintendo's famous pack-in, Wii Sports, Crossbow Training will keep you entertained for hours, especially if you love Zelda. And yet, it could have been so much better. Had the developers programmed online leader boards, millions of trigger happy gamers could compete with each other for the best scores."

IGN -- 70%: IGN disagrees and says there's less than an hour's worth of content, but is willing to forgive the game due to its cheap price: "Lasting Appeal: Over in less than an hour. A two-player mode cannot be played simultaneously. Even getting all platinums in levels is not overly difficult. But again, it's only $19.99."

NintendoWorldReport -- 60%: NWR also has some complaints with Link's Crossbow Training's "multiplayer" support: "The game also features a multiplayer mode that misses on almost every level. Up to four players can be chosen, and then any one level can be chosen. Players then pass the Zapper around as they each play the stage alone. This passive multiplayer would make sense if they were doing it to maintain the integrity of high scores, but high scores aren't even recorded when playing in this mode. Overall, just don't expect the game to be a huge party hit, as most of the people will be sitting and watching, awaiting their turns."

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