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Senators call for ESRB review after Manhunt 2 fiasco

Chris Powell
Will we ever be able to enjoy our violent video games at peace without having to worry about the politicians in Washington screwing it up? Apparently, not as several Senators including Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton and the anti-gamer Joe Lieberman have signed a letter calling for a review of the ESRB rating system in the wake of the Manhunt 2 fiasco.

A portion of the letter reads, "As you know, in June 2007, the British Board of Film Classification refused to rate Rockstar's Manhunt 2 videogame ... stating that it contains 'unremitting bleakness and callousness of tone. In October 2007, the BBFC again refused to rate a revised Manhunt 2 stating that 'the impact of the revisions on the bleakness and callousness of tone ... is clearly insufficient. [The ESRB, however,] reduced the revised version's rating to "Mature," effectively opening the door to its widespread distribution and its licensing approval by game system manufacturers Sony and Nintendo."

We think it's fair to say the last thing the ESRB needs to be is more strict on the content it reviews. Moreover, It's growing increasingly clear that the video game industry may never reach the societal acceptance that the movie industry enjoys with its violent content.

(Via IGN)

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