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Tekserve joins in the discount Friday fun


NYC's venerable Mac retailer Tekserve has posted a list of discounts for its post-Thanksgiving one day sale, available in person or on phone orders. The savings include a steep 30% discount on the Elgato EyeTV Hybrid and Turbo.264 units; a $300 savings on the previous-edition 24" iMac, $40 off a LaCie 160GB portable drive (first 50 customers only), and plenty more.

The days of BARS may be well behind us (Before Apple Retail Stores), but Mac users of longer memories will recall how challenging it once was to find a storefront shop with the savvy, supply and sticking power to serve the Apple customer community. This holiday season, in addition to your shopping excursions to the mothership's outlets, please make an effort to support the remaining independent resellers who stood by the platform during the lean years.

Is your local indie Mac shop offering Friday sale discounts? Post a comment here to let us know and we'll summarize the sales on Friday morning.

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