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The Endless Grind

Amanda Miller

Although this comic is NSFW, it's definitely worth a read. Of course, I like games like Tetris; perhaps that plays a role in my love for WoW. If you've been feeling any extra pressure to grind since the new items and patterns from patch 2.3 arrived, then this comic is for you. Consider it a very quick dose of chuckle therapy.

While you are having a laugh, you might as well peruse the full website. ActionTrip is a gaming website with tons of cheats, videos, and other goodies. Although you likely won't be able to load it at work anyway, I caution you that the rest of the website is also not the best thing to load at the office.

On a related note, if you are seeking some grind guidance, you should head over to Gun Lovin' Dwarf Chick and check out this spiffy guide to farming. It covers issues such as how to get in the right head space, and how to keep yourself from going a little batty and giving up. It also has suggestions on what to farm, where to farm it, and which add-ons will make your experience easier and more pleasurable.

If you are looking to maximize profit and not for your own phat lootz, then I highly recommend learning how to work the auction house. From anticipating what will sell, and at what prices, to adjusting your farming excursions accordingly, Lisa Poisso's guide to working the auction house is a great place to start.

If you have a habit of not looting vendor trash (grey items), or you have yet to be inspired by its gold-making possibilities, then try out our guide to vendor trash and the auction house. Actually, it also contains some great tips for working your greens, whites, blues and purples too. What do you do while you farm? Are you a gold-making whiz, or do you avoid it as much as possible?

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