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Blyk alleges decent click-through rates on mobile ads

Chris Ziegler

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It has yet to be conclusively proven that the ads-for-minutes system really works, but UK-based Blyk Mobile is starting to offer up some stats on how it's fared since its launch a couple months back. As a refresher, Blyk is offering folks in their teens and early twenties precisely 43 minutes of voice and 217 text messages per month for the right to send out six targeted ads per day -- and believe it or not, it might just be working. Blyk claims that it's seeing click-throughs ranging from 12 to 43 percent depending on the type of ad (text, video, and so on), and its demographics are fairly well balanced to boot with a 52 / 48 percent gender split in favor of men. The MVNO has a fairly modest 12-month subscriber target of 100,000 users -- and while they're being a little coy about whether the service on track for that number, they've reiterated that it's still the number they're shooting for. So yeah, Xero Mobile, if you ever want to get off the ground, how's about you take a few pointers from these guys?

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