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Doro's ridiculously simple phones in the wild

Chris Ziegler

We figure the market for these kinds of things only stands to get bigger as an ever-increasing percentage of folks realize that the only thing they're doing with their music-playing, picture-taking, internet-browsing handsets is making phone calls. England's Doromobile has a line of phones ripe to fit that bill, and Crave's UK outpost recently had the chance to check a couple of the latest models out. The HandleEasy 326gsm is the higher end of the two (though that's not saying much), featuring an honest-to-goodness monochrome display, four dedicated speed dial buttons, giant keys, and that's about it. The HandlePlus 324gsm foregoes the display -- and the numeric keypad, for that matter -- opting for five programmable speed dials (perfect for myFaves, hmm?). The 326gsm is available for £85 (about $175) while the 324gsm comes in at £68 ($140).

[Thanks, T.I.]

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