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Reminder: Win a $5K gaming PC from Falcon Northwest

Here's your daily reminder to enter to win this here gaming PC built by the folks at Falcon Northwest (remember, you can enter once each day). Since they're the experts when it comes to building gaming PCs and we're the experts when it comes to asking obvious questions, we decided to combine our relative talents and present you with a short bit about a different component each day.

We asked Kelt Reeves, CEO of Falcon Northwest, who cares about the system's $250 Silverstone 1000W Strider power supply. He replied: "Well not the Amish. But these new-fangled video games require electricity. And if you want this new type of moving picture show ('talkie', to the layperson) to move like greased lighting, it takes a lot of parts ('doo-dads', to the layperson). And them there parts all use the electricity. The power supply ("magic box", to the layperson) gives them doo-dads the vim and vigor they need to make a good picture show ... does anyone else have a headache?"

We sure do. Go to the giveaway post and answer the following question in the comments: what electrical device in your house are you most thankful for (it is Thanksgiving, folks!). Hey, Does all of Rock Band count as an electrical device?

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