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Sony hopeful for successful Black Friday PS3 sales

Chris Powell

Ya know those sexy new commercials Sony recently unveiled highlighting the new 40GB PlayStation 3 and just about everything else that makes us love the system? Well, they've all been leading up to tomorrow - Black Friday. It just happens to be the day when the gaming industry sells more games and systems than any other day of the year.

And on the eve of such an important day, Sony issued a press release to ensure we and everyone else know why the PS3 is geared to achieve the kind of holiday success it has always hoped for.

Hit the jump to see the evidence.

Like a hot knife through butter, we've cut through any spin and are delivering the pertinent information that interests you.
  • Since the availability of the new 40GB and 80GB PS3 models,
    sales have increased by 192 percent at the top 10 retailers in North
  • PS3 sales have more than doubled since the launch of the 40GB PS3;
  • Sony says there are more than 200 first and third-party PS3 titles available. However, this probably reflects software released across all regions and isn't indicative of the number of entirely different games. According to Sony's latest numbers, there are 65 PS3 titles released in North America; and
  • The aforementioned marketing campaign is airing on popular nationwide networks like NBC, Fox and ESPN.
Looking at the numbers, it's plain to see gamers are warming up to the PS3 more than ever before, and putting our vested interests aside, we agree with Sony that the PS3 should sell extremely well this holiday season.

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