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The Daily Grind: Giving thanks

Mike Schramm

Today, as you may know, is known in the United States as Thanksgiving, which is supposed to be the time we sit down together as a family and give thanks, but usually ends up being the time we eat way too much turkey and/or the day before we go out and spend way too much money.

But here at Massively, let's be glass-is-half-full people: what are you thankful for in the world of MMOs this year? Me? I'm thankful for daily quests in World of Warcraft, because otherwise I would have no money instead of the pittance I have now. I'm thankful for my uber mining Osprey in EVE Online -- that damn ship can pull ore down like nobody's business. And I'm especially thankful for the Warhammer Online hype-- it's about time someone tried giving Blizzard a real run for their money, and hopefully the game will live up to it. What are you thankful for?

And from all of us here at Massively, if you're in the US, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving out there in your various virtual worlds. And if you're not in the US, have a great Thursday anyway.

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