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Get your yummy Halo 3 theme at a kiosk near you

Dustin Burg

After doing some surfing we came across a news piece talking about a Halo 3 dashboard theme. News that's not all that exciting by itself except for the fact that this theme is only available off of an Xbox 360 retail kiosk, is 100% free and is yummy delicious. Just take a look at each blade background, it's like Halo 3 theme heaven wrapped in bacon, stuffed with gold dollars and sprinkled with magical fairy dust. It's killer! Especially that media blade background ... raWr!

Actually, after taking a deep breathe and looking over this blog, we're realizing that we just expressed an unnatural amount of excitement for a dashboard theme. Maybe we should take it down a notch. But the fact that, in order to get this (super yummy) Halo 3 theme, we have to find a 360 kiosk, stick in our memory card and download makes its appeal so great. Screw it! That's our goal for today. We're finding and downloading that elusive Halo 3 kiosk theme and nobody is stopping us! We want it and we want it now ... status update incoming.

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