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Pretty much the most badass DS Lite mod ever

Eric Caoili

Though THQ hasn't made an official announcement for this customized Nintendo DS Lite, considering that the publisher has a giveaway in progress for six similar modded PlayStation Portables to promote Warhammer 40K: Squad Command's release on the PSP, we'll probably hear more about a contest for this dual-screened version once the game comes to the DS this December 13th.

Like with the PSPs, only six of these special edition systems have been made. The two-tone handheld, dressed in black and Ultramarine blue, resembles Nintendo's red-and-black DS and several other mods we've featured before, but sets itself apart with the ornate winged skull on its lid. Even if you're not a fan of Warhammer 40K or its upcoming online-enabled, turn-based strategy game for the DS, you could always replace the skull with a big "S" and pretend it's a spread-shot power-up from Contra!

Check past the post break for larger photos of the Warhammer 40K DS Lite and PSP mods.

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Click the resized images for the full versions.

[Via THQ-Games 1 & 2]

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