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Reminder: Win a $5K gaming PC from Falcon Northwest


Look, we're really sorry to keep pestering you about this, but we thought you might like to win a ludicrously powerful Falcon Northwest computer worth five thousand dollars. And don't be concerned about those bullet holes -- they're just decals inspired by Soldier of Fortune: Payback, the latest in the face-splattering first-person franchise. This isn't some old thing we found in a firing range (but we'll be giving some dead raccoons away at a later date).

Since the folks at Falcon Northwest are the experts when it comes to building gaming PCs and we're the experts when it comes to asking obvious questions, we decided to combine our relative talents and present you with a short bit about a different component each day. Why does Falcon Northwest CEO, Kelt Reeves, think the EVGA nVidia nForce 680I - SLI makes for a good motherboard in a gaming system? "Mainly because it has a lot of letters, some of which are even capitalized. I've found that the more capital letters a part has, usually the better it is for gaming. It could also be the dual graphics card capability, quad-core CPU support, and great overclocking capability. But it's most likely the letters."

Just as we suspected. We also suspect you should be heading to the giveaway post (you can enter once each day) to answer the following question in the comments: What useless electronic device is currently wasting space in your house?

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