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Sisters of Battle, Dark Eldar lead charge in Dawn of War: Soulstorm

Jason Dobson

If comments are any indication, many remain unsure of the direction Relic intends to take the latest expansion for its tabletop-inspired RTS Dawn of War, Soulstorm. While some may have continued to hold out hope for a bug hunt against galactic menace and fan-favorite Tyranids, gameplay designer Shawn Frison has revealed via a dev diary that the game will in fact pit the previously revealed Dark Eldar against the estrogen-charged Orders Militant of the Adepta Sororitas, otherwise known as the Sisters of Battle.

The stand alone expansion's factions will join others from the series, from the genetically enhanced Space Marines to the Orkish green tides, and will offer additional units and vehicles with which to wage war in the 'grim darkness' of the 41st millennium.

Among these new units will be the Sisters' Canoness, who is described by Frison as "a battle-hardened veteran" who is apparently able to call down the wrath of God at a whim to smite her foes, not unlike my mother-in-law. Not to be outdone, the Dark Eldar also come to play with their "lords of malice" called Archons who, along with a retinue of Incubi bodyguards, look to give the opposition what for by siphoning their souls and being generally unpleasant. So, given these two choices, which race will win your favor next spring when Soulstorm arrives at retail?

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