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Unreal Engine 3 coming to Wii (but not by Epic)

Ross Miller

Epic Vice President Mark Rein has said repeatedly that they will not port their popular Unreal Engine 3 to the Wii, but that isn't stopping others from doing the conversion for them. In an interview with Kikizo, Rein has stated that an unnamed licensee is bringing the engine to Nintendo's console.

"It's their own port, in the same way Ubisoft brought Unreal Engine 2 to the Wii [for Red Steel]," he said, noting prior to that response, "I just don't see a big market there to bring this big hulking memory intensive engine over to a much smaller system."

We tend to think Rein might have a point, given the Wii's hardware limitations in relation to Epic's goal with Unreal Engine 3. Then again, developers don't usually go through the labor-intensive process of porting engines to consoles unless there are either tools that streamline the development process or they're looking to go multiplatform. (If it's the latter, we'd suspect a major studio like Ubisoft or Electronic Arts.)

Option three, of course, is that someone is hoping to fail and get in on some of the lawsuit frenzy. It'd be just like The Producers for the video game industry!

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